Allianz Indonesia

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About Allianz

Allianz Group

Allianz is one of the largest global providers of insurance, banking and asset management. Founded in 1890 in Germany, Allianz is a company with a long history and a strong tradition. Allianz now operates in more than 70 countries all over the world. Allianz serves around 75 million clients around the world. In addition, Allianz provides insurance coverage and its services to almost half of the Fortune 500 companies.

In fiscal 2008 the Allianz Group achieved total revenues of over 92.5 billion euros. Allianz is also one of the world’s largest asset managers, with third-party assets of 703 billion euros under management at year end 2008.

In September 2006, an agreement to merge was signed between Allianz AG and RAS Holding S.p.A. Allianz AG from then on changed its legal form to a Societas Europaea (SE), a European company. Following the registration procedures in Italy and Germany, on October 16, 2006 Allianz SE became the first company registered in the DJ EURO STOXX 50 Index.

Allianz in Asia Pasific

Asia Pacific is one of Allianz’s three major growth regions. It is characterized by a rich diversity of cultures, languages and customs. Allianz has been present in the region since 1917, providing fire and marine insurance in the coastal cities of China.

In Asia Pacific, Allianz is present in 15 markets offering its core businesses of property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, asset management and banking. With its more than 13,000 staff Allianz serves the needs of over 17 million customers in the region. Allianz's ability to adapt quickly to local needs has been the key to its success.

Allianz Life Indonesia

Allianz started its operations in Indonesia with a representative office in 1981. In 1989, Allianz established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance company. Furthermore, Allianz entered the Indonesian life insurance market by opening PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996.

In year 2008, both Allianz in Indonesia; Allianz Utama and Allianz Life Indonesia reached total premium income Gross Written Premium (GWP) of IDR 3.9 Trillion in 2007.

Today, Allianz in Indonesia is one of the leading insurance groups in the market who has been trusted to serve more than 1.000.000 policyholders consisting of individual and corporate customers.

Allianz Utama and Allianz Life Indonesia draw on support from nearly 12,000 dedicated financial consultants and operate a wide service network of over 80 offices in more than 44 locations nationwide.


Allianz Indonesia is "The First Choice" for customers, business partners and employees. We build long term relationships based on "Mutual Trust".

Source : http://www.allianz.co.id

ASEI Insurance

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Company Profile

In intention to increase non-oil and gas export, in 1985 Government of Indonesia founded PT. (Persero) Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (ASEI) with main business in insurance and guarantees to support non-oil and gas export development stipulated in Government Act No. 20 in 1983.

Different from other general insurance organization, ASEI has special product that covers exporter's and bank's risks which are payment default risk. Export Working Capital Loan disbursed by banks or export transaction from importer directly to exporter are being insured.

The idea to develop export credit insurance program is based on the policy that not only Sight L/C the exporters can use for international trade but also other terms and payments available with riskier aspect.

On the other hand, the export activity by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to non-traditional market with higher risk alongside with changing atmosphere in international market from seller's market to buyer's market have made transaction in credit term become more important.

ASEI role will provide Export Credit Insurance facility for the exporters to deal with export payment risk including promoting Indonesian exporters to penetrate new international market. As for Credit Insurance/Guarantees facility for the bank to support increasing credit/loan to real sector including the exporters.

Along with the changes in business climate that highly competitive, ASEI continues to diversify and modify the products within the class of business of Export Credit Insurance, Credit Insurance/Guarantees, and General Insurance in order to support clients' business.

Source : http://www.asei.co.id/

Sinar Mas Insurance

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History Of Sinar Mas Insurance

PT Asuransi Sinar Mas is an insurance company that offers a wide range of general insurance services. PT Asuransi Sinar Mas was founded in 1985 in Jakarta.

PT Asuransi Sinar Mas has maintained sustained growth throughout its journey. Gross premiums and total assets of the Company has consistently increased from year to year, despite the global economic shocks in the last year. This performance is a result of support from business partners and customers of the Company.

PT Asuransi Sinar Mas has an extensive network in Indonesia. At the end of 2008, PT Asuransi Sinar Mas had 30 branches, 49 representative offices and one office of sharia in Indonesia to support the Company's business and the Company closer to its customers.

PT Asuransi Sinar Mas always provide the best services to its customers. The customers can get the latest information about the policies they purchase and to check the progress of the proposed claims process, simply by sending messages via cellular phone or by calling the 24-hour hotline service. Customer service is also provided with various facilities provided in the building of new claims service center. Recognize and meet customer needs is one mission of PT Asuransi Sinar Mas.

Source : http://www.sinarmas.co.id/

Jiwasraya Insuraces

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Profile & History of Jiwasraya

The Company was established for one dedication: to help the society members plan for their own brighter future. December 31, 1859 will be remembered as the first milestone of Jiwasraya in their effort to realize the allegiance. The new company was named Nederlandsche Indische Levenverzekering en Lijvrente Maatschappij ( NILLMIJ). The next milestone was merger between nine companies owned by the colonial Dutch and one national company. In 1973, the emerging company became a company fully owned by the Government of the Republic Indonesia.

Now the company, known as PT Asuransi Jiwasraya, has been around 145 years. An impressive history filled with hardwork and improvement in many aspect, while earning more of the society’s confidence in return.

The synergy between laudable dedication and business performance has provided a resourceful energy within the Company, that drives Jiwasraya to reach the position as it now; a reliable insurance company with more years of experience than any other company in Indonesia.

In running effort, Jiwasraya always try to adapt to requirement and growth socialize. That the company cause always perform renewal for the shake of replying era demand, among other things in the year 2003 changed the logo which at one blow change company identity. A new maxim was introduced last year, the 3-P motto : Product, Process And People. Product means that company always try to build an innovative product, like JS Link Fixed 95 and JS Link Fixed 93 for unit link products ( combining of protection and investment), and also JS Prestasi and JS Multi Proteksi for insurance education. Process means Jiwasraya always apply the technology of communications nowadays in equipping speed and accuracy of services. The technology called JL-INDO and V-Sat. Through JL-INDO process printing of policy earn can be done where policy published, while V-Sat represent technology of communications were connecting entire office of Jiwasraya, including Head Office, Regional Office and also Branch Office become one union ( on line). Meanwhile human resources improvement could be done through standardization of quality Jiwasraya agents. Company also routinely perform various education and training of employees both local and abroad. Today, Jiwasraya has own 505 the expert and professional employee in insurance field which is spread out in Head Office and also Regional Office/ Branch Office.

Source : http://www.jiwasraya.co.id

Takaful Indonesia

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About Takaful Indonesia

As a pioneer of Islamic insurance in the archipelago, Indonesia has Takaful insurance services to serve the public in accordance with Islamic principles, for more than a decade, through two operating companies: PT Asuransi Takaful Family (Islamic Insurance) and General Takaful Insurance (General Insurance Sharia ).

PT Sarekat Takaful Indonesia (Company) was established on February 24, 1994 on the initiative of the Development Team Takaful Indonesia (Keep) led by the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) by Abdi Nations Foundation, Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk., PT Tugu Mandiri Life Insurance, the Department of Financial Affairs, as well as some Indonesian Muslim businessmen. Through its two subsidiaries namely PT Asuransi Takaful Family and General Takaful Insurance Company, the Company has provided insurance protection services that apply the principles of pure first sharia in Indonesia.

Family Takaful Insurance Company that engages in Shariah insurance established on August 4, 1994 and commenced operations on August 25, 1994, marked the inauguration by the Minister of Finance Mar'ie Muhammad. Followed by the establishment of a subsidiary that engages in general insurance such as PT Asuransi Takaful Shariah General, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Research / Head of BPPT Prof. Dr. B.J. Habibie on June 2, 1995.

Sarekat shareholdings of Takaful Indonesia is currently dominated by Sarekat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (56.00%) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB, 26.39%), whereas the rest by Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) and Bank Muamalat Indonesia and Abdi Karya Nation and others.

In 2004, the Company successfully restructured its marketing functions to unite the Family Takaful and General Takaful insurance so that more efficient and more effective in penetrating the market, followed by the inauguration of the headquarters, Takaful Indonesia Graha in Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta in December 2004. In addition, we also performed the revitalization of corporate identity including spatial planning branches throughout Indonesia, to strengthen its corporate image.

To improve the quality of services provided by the Company and to maintain consistency, the Company obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification from SGS JAS-ANZ, New Zealand for the General Takaful and Family Takaful Insurance obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification from Det Norske from Veritas (DNV), Netherlands in April 2004. In addition, the strong efforts throughout the company, won the Family Takaful Insurance MUI Insurance Award 2004 as Best Sharia in Indonesia, and General Takaful insurance was awarded with the title of Excellent Described in a row in 2004 and 2005.

With the support of the Government and professionals who are committed to developing Islamic insurance, Takaful Sarekat Indonesia aims to become a leading Islamic insurance company in Indonesia.

Source : http://www.takaful.com

Jasindo Insurance

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Company Profile

As a state-owned company operating in general insurance, all shares of PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia are owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Having been in existence since the colonial era, Asuransi Jasindo has been blessed with long and worthwhile experiences in managing general insurance business.

As a pioneer in this line of business,the Company has been entrusted by the people in and outside of the country, and has over the years enjoyed good growth. In its professional capacity, Asuransi Jasindo has received support from leading world reinsurers like Swiss - RE and Partner - Re. Asuransi Jasindo is the only national insurance company that has provided coverage for several satellite communications systems such as Palapa.

Asuransi Jasindo's portfolio in settling huge claims include Apogee Kick motor Palapa B2 Satellite covering US$ 7.5 million, BDC Failure Palapa C2 Satellite, US$ 31.2 million, Battery Charging Failure Palapa C2 Satellite amounting to US$ 36.5 million, and Loss of DB Garuda Satellite owned by Aces International amounting to US$ 101.5 million. The Company capability and experience has been well recognized and rated by Standard and Poor's under the Claim Paying Ability category.

To Become a Strong Company Amidst Global Competition and a leader in the Domestic market

To Operate General Insurance at an International Level by Enhancing Market Shares and Services while Maintaining Profitability and Fulfiling Stakeholders Expectations

More Info : http://www.jasindo.co.id


As companies struggle, the Bumiputera has a philosophy as follows:
  1. Idealism
  2. Always maintains the values of dignity of Fight in raising children according to the history of the establishment of the nation as a Bumiputera company struggles.
  3. Togetherness
  4. Guided by the principles of togetherness in the management system empowers companies with the potential of the Bumiputera community, by and for the Bumiputera community as a manifestation of people's company.
  5. Professionalism
  6. Committed in the management of the company by promoting good corporate governance (good corporate governance) and to continuously adapt to the demands of environmental changes.


1912 became a national life insurance company a strong, modern and profitable supported by the Human Resources (HR) professionals who uphold the values idialisme and mutualism.


Making the Bumiputera has always been in the minds and hearts of Indonesian society, with:
  • MAKES THE SERVICE AND PRODUCT QUALITY INSURANCE SERVICES MENTAL as a form of participation in national development through improving the welfare of Indonesian society.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING organizing various growth to ensure competence of employees, increased productivity and improved welfare, within the framework of improving the quality of corporate services to policyholders.
  • WORK CLIMATE encourages the motivational and innovative ways to encourage the company's internal business processes effectively and efficiently.

More Info : http://www.bumiputera.com


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